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WordPress Security Plugins to secure your WordPress Website

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A WordPress security plugin is used to protect your WordPress site from malware, brute force attacks, and hacking attempts. We have hand-picked the best WordPress security plugins that you can use to protect your website.

So then what are the key factors that we need to look into when choosing a security plugin?

Essentially Security is applied at several levels. Most of the security systems and firewalls are applied at the server a level. But there are a few areas that you as a Website owner must be aware of and focus on:

  • 404 Detection
  • Brute Force Protection
  • Enable’s blacklist feature.
  • Enable strong password enforcement.
  • Remove the Windows Live Writer header
  • Remove the RSD (Really Simple Discovery) header
  • Reduce Comment Spam
  • Disable File Editor
  • Force users to choose a unique nickname
  • Disable a user’s author page if their post count is 0
  • Completely Disable XML-RPC
  • And more…

For your reference, we have listed down key security functions and the corresponding recommended plugins.

Business Goal Needs Solution
Security Secure & Robust Environment by Hardening the Filesystem While a firewall filters the requests to the website, the file system permissions are very critical to the security of your website. This is beautiful on the ithemes plugin .

The ithemes security plugin helps you literally lock down your filesystems using the HTACCESS file.

IThemes provides over 35 security settings to disable or enable several aspects of your wordpress website
Web Application Firewall (WAF) A firewall functions by screening in-coming requests to your website and sending in the valid ones and blocking spam and unwanted traffic. This can be accomplished with the WordFence plugin

WordFence provides a great firewall protection & malware scanning for your website on their free plans.

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