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Choosing the right e-commerce plugin for your needs is important for your business.

So then how do you choose your e-commerce plugin, here are a few questions  you have to ask your self:

  • What are you going to sell – digital products or physical products?
  • Do you have the necessary payment gateways for your location
  • You can use Paypal for international transactions, Paypal is a very efficient and helps you sell and receive money easily.
  • Do you need to sell Affiliate Products
  • Do you need to setup an Affiliate Network?
  • Do you need logistics integrated?

For your reference, we have listed down key business needs and the corresponding recommended plugins.

Business Goal Needs Solution
Monetization Affiliate Marketing Use Thirsty Affiliates to add affiliate links to your posts and pages
Ad Inserter & Management Use Ad Inserter to insert Adsense or other similar ad structures
Sell Digital Products Use Woocommerce to Sell Digital Products
Sell Physical Products Use Woocommerce to Sell Physical Products
Sell Affiliate Products UseWoocommerce to Sell Affiliate Products

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