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Why choose Boldgrid Theme?

BoldGrid, is a free top class website-builder that combines easy website creation with the power of WordPress.
BoldGrid is powered through WordPress that calls for no coding knowledge through the usage of a clean drag-and-drop editor and comes with latest responsive themes.
BoldGrid flattens the gaining knowledge curve with WordPress by using making it less complicated to use with features like drag and drop design, pre-built themes and lots more.

WPSkillset Hosting’s Managed WordPress Hosting comes with pre-installed Boldgrid Theme on our Plugin & Theme Sets.

Boldgrid Theme Video:

Watch this video tutorial by the Plugin Author on how to install & setup the Boldgrid Theme. WPSkillset Hosting’s Managed WordPress Hosting automatically set are they Boldgrid Theme for your website

Learn more about WodPress plugin here :

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