Your Hosting is the foundation of your online business. Choosing the right service is crucial as a good Host will make things considerably easy for you while a bad Host or a poor choice in hosting plans can really stifle your progress. What does this difference mean to your business?

What Is Managed Hosting?

A hosting plan consists of several different elements – the most basic being the server hardware itself. The server usually has an (OS) operating system installed + various kinds of software that provide different functionalities for websites. Managed Hosting basically means that hosting companies may also offer Management Services which includes various activities such as security sweeps, automated backups, malware scanning and removal, status monitoring, and a lot more. Managed Hosting empowers the host to take care of everything for you. This makes the process simpler as you don’t need as much technical knowledge and it also allows you to more time to focus on managing and growing your website.  This is one great example of excellent Managed Hosting: Managed WordPress hosting provides businesses with a dedicated hosting solution for high availability, uptime. Managed WordPress hosting typically includes everything from the initial setup and install of your site to troubleshooting, updates, and full-time tech support. Managed hosting plans include daily automated backups of your entire WordPress site. Managed hosting offers “one-click” backup restores. You can have your entire site back up online in seconds. Managed hosting ensures that everything from the server to the version of WordPress running on your site will be up-to-date. It also ensures optimum performance, stability, and security. Easy WordPress Backups – automated and provides daily backup protection for ultimate peace of mind. Automatic WordPress core updates & patches so that you can stay focused on building your site. Enhanced security both at the WordPress application side and server-side SSL certificates. Managed WordPress Hosting backup solution takes care of your content, themes, plugins and more. Single click restoration. Complete malware scan continuously identifying security breaches to prevent imminent attacks

What Is Unmanaged Hosting?

Unmanaged hosting is a hosting plan with no (or very few) additional services. What you get is server space with an (OS) operating system installed. No more, no less. Everything here-on will need to be installed by you, not only WordPress, Drupal or similar, but even base system software such as Apache or PHP. Unmanaged hosting companies do not provide any services or carry out any management tasks on your server. If you want something done, you’ll need to do it yourself.

Managed vs Unmanaged Hosting in One Analogy

It’s like a house you plan to buy. Managed hosting is like buying an already-finished house — all you need to do is move in with your own furniture and start living there. There are also finished & furnished houses — so you can start living right away! Unmanaged hosting is like buying a piece of land and building your house by yourself. It’s awesome for people who want to build every single detail of the house according to your needs and preferences. If you haven’t built a house before, you’re probably going to struggle to build something that can handle the elements……after all you do not want a house that does not serve the purpose of living there.

What Services Go into Managed Hosting?

The exact services you get will differ from company to company, but here is what most offer.

Automated Backups

Especially important, if you don’t like the idea that your business data can disappear in the blink of an eye. Automated backups give you peace of mind.

Performance Monitoring

Performance monitoring can warn you before disaster strikes. You receive regular notifications when your website is close to having used all its available resources (such as memory, among other things).

Automatic Software Updates

Automatic updates of core software, such as PHP, Apache, MySQL and others, can be a blessing if you want to have the latest versions as soon as they come out.

Security, Malware Scanning and Removal

This is top priority. When it comes to security, website downtime may seem almost trivial compared with the prospect of a malicious attempt made to expose your users’ data. Security and malware scanning can expose myriad issues on your server, and removal/cleanup services serve to get rid of them if they do happen to appear. These kinds of services can certainly be an excellent first line of defense.

An Easy-to-Use Hosting Control Panel

A managed server should come with a control panel where you can set up specific things, including the creation of databases, email forwarders, DNS records, accessing logs, viewing performance statistics, and other tasks. You will get a pre-built control panel such as cPanel or Plesk or you can opt for a custom dashboard tailored to the WordPress experience.

SSH Access

SSH is short for ‘Secure Shell’ and is essentially a secure way to access your server through a command line interface. Not only can it do everything your control panel can, but it can also do a lot more — which is why developers like it so much! One of the most common uses of SSH is for installing additional software, such as version control, developer tools, scripts and other useful add-ons.

Support Service

Basic support services are always free, and most top-rated hosting companies these days even offer instant live chat support. Tech support can give you a hand with many issues — or at least point you in the right direction. A good support system means the company is committed to their users. This is often one of the most important factors.

On-Demand Services

Basically, you could call this paid customer support, and it might encompass anything from software updates or a requested virus scan to malware cleanup or a speed optimization analysis. Some services may exist as on-demand features and automated features — malware removal is a good example of this. Some hosts will bundle malware scanning as an automated service, but you will have to pay if you need a hand removing any malware the automated scan detects. Some hosts will do both for you, but that obviously comes with an increase in price. Free Domain Registration 99.99% Uptime Guarantee Unlimited Databases List Unlimited Domains Unlimited Disk Space 99.99% Uptime Guarantee Unlimited Databases List Unlimited Domains Unlimited Disk Space Unlimited Databases List 99.99% Uptime Guarantee Unlimited Domains Free Domain Registration Unlimited Databases List 99.99% Uptime Guarantee Unlimited Domains Unlimited projects 15 Email Accounts 2 Domain Hosted Support features=”10 GB Storage Unlimited projects 25 Email Accounts 2 Domain Hosted Support Storage Unlimited projects 35 Email Accounts 2 Domain Hosted Support features=”Unlimited GB Storage Unlimited projects Unlimited Email Accounts Unlimited Domain Hosted Support Nextgen Hosting Dedicated Support Extended Speed Completely Secured