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WordPress Social Media Plugins to Share & Publish your Website to Social Networks

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Social media is critical towards generating traffic to your website.

Social Media is where the world is today!

  • If you need to get the message about your website pages and posts out to the world then you can easily do that by posting the same on social media.
  • You can generate traffic by posting your posts, pages, products or services to your social media pages such as facebook, linkedin, pinterest, etc.
  • Also you can allow your end users to share your posts, pages, products or services using share buttons.
  • Social Share Buttons plugins allow you to add a beautiful set of social share buttons on your post which will encourage your website visitors to share your content on their social networks.
  • This helps your website to get better exposure socially as well as increases user engagement.

For your reference, we have listed down key social media functions and the corresponding recommended plugins.

Business Goal Needs Solution
Social Media Social Media Integration & Autopost Use the Blog2Social plugin to post your posts and pages to multiple social networks.
Social Share Use the Super Socializer plugin to add share buttons, social comments and social login to your website

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