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WordPress Performance Plugins to improve WordPress Performance

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Instead of having to make these complicated performance tweaks yourself, you can rely on an easy-to-use plugin to improve loading speeds and other performance metrics with a single click.
WordPress performance plugins offer your site a ton of benefits like:

One click image compression
Integrated caching for blazing fast loading speeds
Code compression and minification for a smaller site
Integration with CDNs for even faster speeds

Business Goal Needs Solution
Website Performance Improve your site loading time Use ShortPixel optimize your image sizes & loading time.
Improve your site loading time Use WP Rocket Lazy Load plugin to lazy load images and videos to load only when the user reaches to location of image on the page. It's simply means that all the images or videos are not downloaded at the time of loading the page but will be downloaded when the user reaches that particular part of the page.
Improve your site loading time Use WP Super Cache to create static pages html pages of all your dynamic WordPress pages and post. Since the dynamic pages and post are pre-processed, compressed and stored in the cache this significantly improves page load time.

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