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WordPress Marketing Plugins to market your Website

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Marketing is a complex and competitive process for interesting potential customers and clients in your products and/or services.

Most digital marketing strategies have to be multi-channel to be effective. You have to rely on a mix of search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, email, sms and whatsapp marketing, and many more to move customers through the buyer’s journey.

Marketing essentially consists of 3 major parts:

  • Market Research – The first step to starting any business must be Marketing Research, which would include the following:
    • You need to research your target audience to find the right markets for your Business
    • Then find keywords for your target market.
    • You can get keyword competition i.e. seo difficulty, organic difficulty, competing websites and much more using free tools such as ubersuggest.
    • Use the knowledge from the keyword research to create your products, content & the marketing and sales strategy.
  • Lead Generation – Well ofcourse the key purpose of any Marketing function is to generate Leads for the Sales process to close it to a Sale:
    • For the same you need to be able to generate leads!
    • You can do this by adding pop-ups, lightboxes or in-line lead forms to your blog posts & pages.
  • Follow-up & Closure Process
    • Once a lead is generated, the next part is to follow-up with the lead.
    • This can be done by sending educational messages about your product or service.
    • Use Educational messages to impart high quality information to your lead, that will actually benefit the lead for that purpose. This establishes credibility.
    • You can send follow-up messages to leads using email, sms, whatsapp or push messages.

We have listed down the key marketing functions and its corresponding functions:

Business Goal Needs Solution
Market Research Keyword Research We need to perform a Target Audience Research to identify niches and forecast demand.

1. Google AdWords : Keyword Planner - The most obvious choice is this free keyword tool which has been a favorite for many years.

The primary benefit of this tool is easy to see: you’re able to pull information directly from Google, well of-course google doesn't need introduction, most people search for what they want on google.

2. Soovle - This free keyword research tool provides niche suggestions for a target market from a variety of sources, not just from Google, to help you boost your search volume.You can use it for Google suggestions,as well as for Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, Wikipedia and Amazon.

3. Ubersuggest - This tool provides you with a lot of keyword information and data that you need to make informed decisions.

With this tool, you can easily identify the organic difficulty and adwords difficulty of a keyword, apart from competition information and much, much, more...

This will help you decide what niches to pursue and the ones to drop.

4. Google Trends - With Google Trends, you can simply find out if a keyword is trending upwards, downwords or steady.

It gives you a month-wise search volume for a keyword. It also helps you compare multiple keywords across months, locations, worldwide, countriwide, statewide, ...
Online Marketing Website Traffic Setup a Facebook page for your business, post your website pages, posts, products or services to your Facebook page.

Generate Website traffic with Facebook & Instagram Ads which is fairly in-expensive. Fairly easy to use for end uses with the ad manager for advanced users

Setup Google Business for your Business & run proximity ads, i.e. ads to an audeince in a radius of 3 - 4 kms around your business location

Use Google Adwords - moderately expensive but get high quality traffic if you setup your campaign effectively. Google Ads too has Google Ads Express which is for starters and Google Adwords for advanced users.

Marketing Campaigns & Brand Awareness Use Mailchimp to manage email lists & create and manage facebook ad campaigns, retargeting campaigns to generate traffic to your website.

Lead Generation New Leads Easily integrate WordPress to mailchimp using the Bloom plugins, and generate leads across your wordpress website with beautiful lead generation forms on posts or pages.
Follow-up with Leads Use Mailchimp email marketing & facebook and adwords retargeting campaigns with follow-up campaigns
Analytics & Insights Understand Customer behavior Use Google Analytics with the Monster Insights plugin on your WordPress website for a indepth understanding of customer behavior on your website.
Search Marketing SEO/SEM Use the Yoast SEO plugin to SEO your post or pages. Please note SEO is a long term strategy, make it a practice to regularly post your pages to social media sites, facebook pages, linkedin, twitter, etc"

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