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Considering the rate at which competition is growing and keeping attention of customers is getting difficult by the day, Offering good customer support is now critical to making any business successful.Nowadays it’s important as ever to provide good customer service that will inspire your customers to share their experience about your business, products, and services to the people most close to them.So then how can you improve customer experience with a better website and a better service?

  • Find out what is going on, on your website using google analytics. Google analytics is free and provides a great analytics tool with several facets of your website traffic that you can use to identify, problems and bottle necks in your sales process, or in your customer area.
  • You can also get feedback using techniques such as heatmaps and screen recordings available on Hotjar to see exactly what the end users are doing on your website.
  • Use free live chat solutions that will let you open up a chat window with your visitors or a fully integrated support management platform that will let your site visitors and members open up support tickets at any given time.
Business Goal Needs Solution
Analytics & Insights Understand Customer behavior Use Google Analytics with the MonsterInsights plugin on your WordPress website for a indepth understanding of customer behavior on your website.
Hotjar for heatmaps, recordings, surveys & polls Advanced understanding of Customer Behavior Use Hotjar to create heatmaps & record end user sessions to get an understanding of how each customer behaves. Create quick surveys and polls to get feedback from the customers"
Live Customer support Customer Support Provide live customer support to your prospects and customers using or Facebook messenger and Whatsapp

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