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A site only runs smoothly when you take the time to work with all people involved in its running. Editors and webmasters have a tendency to forget communicating very well with their contributors.You have multiple people like the administrator, the editor, the moderators, the contributors, designers and developers involved in running the website. Most of these people might take on multiple roles.

This is where the importance of communication comes in. Speaking to one another is the best way to keep away mistakes. You do not want two writers ending up writing the same post, a topic that goes neglected, and articles sitting there pending for ages, getting cold.

You want an easier way to keep everyone on the same page, try these useful plugins. They can make the job so much simpler.

Business Goal Needs Solution
Management Manage Content Creation Use PublishPress to manage your content and team.
Collaboration Manage Internal Tasks Editorial Calendar
Manage Team Collaboration Editorial Comment/ Editorial Metadata/ User Groups & Notifications
Customize editorial process Custom Post/Page Statuses

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