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There are writing plugins for Web Developers we identified the needs of the Web Developers and have composed a set of plugins in accordance with the same:

  • Install WordPress, Plugins and Themes. WPSkillset Hosting provides WP Auto and One-click cpanel installs with pre-installed plugin sets.
  • Create Pages and Posts
  • Manage CSS for Pages and Posts
  • Managing WordPress Core, Plugin and Theme Updates for multiple websites. WPSkillset Hosting does this for you with daily backups.
  • Manage Look and feel of website across multiple devices
  • Get debug information during the development and debugging process.
  • Get  status of the file system usage, cpu usage, etc.

For your reference, we have listed down key web developer functions and the corresponding recommended plugins.

Business Goal Needs Solution
Web Developer Find Out Website Technical Error Use Health Check Plugin. It’s possible to troubleshoot technical error in a live site.
Track all your debugging information Use Debug Bar Plugin track all activities going on your website
Change the thumbnail dimensions automatically Use Regenerate Thumbnails Plugin easy solution to edit and regenerate thumbnail dimension for your images.
Take a screenshot of the pages & posts across different desktop Use LambdaTest Plugin you can simply take screenshots directly from the WordPress dashboard.
Manage Manage Multiple Websites Use Main WP Manage Multiple website
Manage WordPress Core Updates Use Main WP Manage WordPress Core Updates
Manage Plugin & Theme Updates Use Main WP Manage Plugin & Theme Updates

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