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Must Have WordPress Plugins & Themes Set for Bloggers

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What do you need to Start your Business Online?

Needed when Starting

When starting a Business there are some key aspects you must have to simply start a business online, such as:

  • Domain
  • Website
  • Sales Channels
  • Marketing Channels
  • Product or Service Fulfillment & Delivery mechanism

Built over Time

While some aspects of your Business are needed when starting your Business, there are other aspects that are built over time as you run your Business for long term sustainability, such as:

  • Brand Value
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Customer Experience

Ready to launch Blogger Plugin and Theme set

The Blogger Plugin and Theme set is built for Bloggers to launch websites quickly and effeciently.

You can get this set pre-installed with and WPSkillset Hosting plans with a detailed analysis of the must have plugins for bloggers & quick start guide.

This set includes the standard business functions for bloggers apart from the standard commonly needed wordpress components, as follows:

Content And Page Builder

Business Goal Needs Solution
Web Business Presence 24/7 Availability & Performance Secure & Robust Environment Launch your website with WPSkillset Hostings - Managed WordPress Hosting on top quality robust servers with security, daily backups, auto updates, once click plugin and theme set installs, great wordpress themes, maintenance and support
  Website that you can manage yourself WordPress CMS to manage website as it is simple to use & powerful extensibility to add modules for e-commerce, marketing or delivery functions
  Create posts & add new content, Upload Audio, Video or Images on a regular basis. WordPress's easy editor allows you to easily create, manage and update your content yourself.
Brand Positioning Setup business pages Use Page Builder based WordPress themes such as Divi or BoldGrid that come built in with a large number of very attractive and professional themes which you can use to create your site structure in minutes
  Setup product sales pages Setup affiliate product pages Write Blog posts Then replace the content & images with your content and images to create your website quickly and effeciently
Brand Message & Engagement Engage visitors of Website Generate Leads to build list Follow-up with good quality content Use the Bloom plugin by Elegant Themes to add beautiful lead generation pop-ups to build your list.

Security Plugins


Business Goal Needs Solution
Security Secure & Robust Environment by Hardening the Filesystem

While a firewall filters the requests to the website, the file system permissions are very critical to the security of your website. This is beautiful on the ithemes plugin .

The ithemes security plugin helps you literally lock down your filesystems using the HTACCESS file.

IThemes provides over 35 security settings to disable or enable several aspects of your wordpress website

  Web Application Firewall (WAF)

A firewall functions by screening in-coming requests to your website and sending in the valid ones and blocking spam and unwanted traffic. This can be accomplished with the WordFence plugin

WordFence provides a great firewall protection & malware scanning for your website on their free plans.

Website Performance Plugins

Business Goal Needs Solution
Website Performance Improve your site loading time Use ShortPixel optimize your image sizes & loading time.
  Improve your site loading time Use WP Rocket Lazy Load plugin to lazy load images and videos to load only when the user reaches to location of image on the page. It's simply means that all the images or videos are not downloaded at the time of loading the page but will be downloaded when the user reaches that particular part of the page.
  Improve your site loading time Use WP Super Cache to create static pages html pages of all your dynamic WordPress pages and post. Since the dynamic pages and post are pre-processed, compressed and stored in the cache this significantly improves page load time.

e-Commerce Plugins

Business Goal Needs Solution
Monetization Affiliate Marketing Use Thirsty Affiliates to add affiliate links to your posts and pages
  Ad Inserter & Management Use Ad Inserter to insert Adsense or other similar ad structures
  Sell Digital Products Use Woocommerce to Sell Digital Products
  Sell Physical Products Use Woocommerce to Sell Physical Products
  Sell Affiliate Products UseWoocommerce to Sell Affiliate Products

Marketing Plugins


Business Goal Needs Solution
Market Research Keyword Research

We need to perform a Target Audience Research to identify niches and forecast demand.

1. Google AdWords : Keyword Planner - The most obvious choice is this free keyword tool which has been a favorite for many years.

The primary benefit of this tool is easy to see: you’re able to pull information directly from Google, well of-course google doesn't need introduction, most people search for what they want on google.

2. Soovle - This free keyword research tool provides niche suggestions for a target market from a variety of sources, not just from Google, to help you boost your search volume.You can use it for Google suggestions,as well as for Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, Wikipedia and Amazon.

3. Ubersuggest - This tool provides you with a lot of keyword information and data that you need to make informed decisions.

With this tool, you can easily identify the organic difficulty and adwords difficulty of a keyword, apart from competition information and much, much, more...

This will help you decide what niches to pursue and the ones to drop.

4. Google Trends - With Google Trends, you can simply find out if a keyword is trending upwards, downwords or steady.

It gives you a month-wise search volume for a keyword. It also helps you compare multiple keywords across months, locations, worldwide, countriwide, statewide, ...

Online Marketing Website Traffic

Setup a Facebook page for your business, post your website pages, posts, products or services to your Facebook page.

Generate Website traffic with Facebook & Instagram Ads which is fairly in-expensive. Fairly easy to use for end uses with the ad manager for advanced users

Setup Google Business for your Business & run proximity ads, i.e. ads to an audeince in a radius of 3 - 4 kms around your business location

Use Google Adwords - moderately expensive but get high quality traffic if you setup your campaign effectively. Google Ads too has Google Ads Express which is for starters and Google Adwords for advanced users.

  Marketing Campaigns & Brand Awareness

Use Mailchimp to manage email lists & create and manage facebook ad campaigns, retargeting campaigns to generate traffic to your website.

Lead Generation New Leads Easily integrate WordPress to mailchimp using the Bloom plugins, and generate leads across your wordpress website with beautiful lead generation forms on posts or pages.
  Follow-up with Leads Use Mailchimp email marketing & facebook and adwords retargeting campaigns with follow-up campaigns
Analytics & Insights Understand Customer behavior Use Google Analytics with the Monster Insights plugin on your WordPress website for a indepth understanding of customer behavior on your website.
Search Marketing SEO/SEM Use the Yoast SEO plugin to SEO your post or pages. Please note SEO is a long term strategy, make it a practice to regularly post your pages to social media sites, facebook pages, linkedin, twitter, etc"

Social Media Plugins

Business Goal Needs Solution
Social Media Social Media Integration & Autopost Use the Blog2Social plugin to post your posts and pages to multiple social networks.
  Social Share Use the Super Socializer plugin to add share buttons, social comments and social login to your website

Management And Collabration Plugins

Business Goal Needs Solution
Management Manage Content Creation Use PublishPress to manage your content and team.
Collaboration Manage Internal Tasks Editorial Calendar
  Manage Team Collaboration Editorial Comment/ Editorial Metadata/ User Groups & Notifications
  Customize editorial process Custom Post/Page Statuses

Customer Support Plugins

Business Goal Needs Solution
Analytics & Insights Understand Customer behavior Use Google Analytics with the MonsterInsights plugin on your WordPress website for a indepth understanding of customer behavior on your website.
Hotjar for heatmaps, recordings, surveys & polls Advanced understanding of Customer Behavior Use Hotjar to create heatmaps & record end user sessions to get an understanding of how each customer behaves. Create quick surveys and polls to get feedback from the customers"
Live Customer support Customer Support Provide live customer support to your prospects and customers using or Facebook messenger and Whatsapp

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