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Shortpixel Image Optimizer

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What are the benefits of using the Shortpixel Image Optimizer?

ShortPixel can compress all of your old images and PDF documents with a single click. ShortPixel is an image optimization plugin which is lightweight and easy to use  It’s compatible with any ecommerce plugin,gallery, or slider.

WPSkillset Hosting’s Managed WordPress Hosting comes with pre-installed Shortpixel Image Optimizer on our Plugin & Theme Sets.

Shortpixel Image Optimizer Video:

Watch this video tutorial by the Plugin Author on how to install & setup the Shortpixel Image Optimizer plugin to speed up your Website. WPSkillset Hosting’s Managed WordPress Hosting automatically set are they Shortpixel Image Optimizer for your website

Learn more about WordPress plugin here:

Learn more about ShortPixel plugin here :

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