Shared WordPress hosting

  • Shared WordPress hosting involves housing your website on a shared server that houses hundreds if not thousands of other sites too.
  • Shared hosting often has the option to create backups via cPanel, but these backups are typically stored on the same shared server. So if the server is compromised, your backups are just as vulnerable as your live site. Also, restoring a backup from shared hosting is not usually as easy as clicking a button.
  • Shared hosts typically do have some form of tech support. But, they will generally not have the kind of personalized, WordPress-specific knowledge that you will get via managed hosting.
  • In shared hosting, server settings will not necessarily be optimized to suit the needs of your site. It will be optimized to meet the needs of the broadest spectrum of sites sharing the server.

Managed WordPress Hosting

  • Managed WordPress hosting provides businesses with a dedicated hosting solution for high availability, uptime.
  • Managed WordPress hosting typically includes everything from the initial setup and install of your site to troubleshooting, updates, and full-time tech support.
  • Managed hosting plans include daily, automated backups of your entire WordPress site. Managed hosting offers “one-click” backup restores. You can have your entire site back up online in seconds.
  • Managed hosting ensures that everything from the server to the version of WordPress running on your site will be up-to-date. It also ensures optimum performance, stability, and security.

Managed WordPress Hosting Features


  • Auto WordPress installation and pre-configuration.
  • Easy WordPress Backups – automated and provides daily backup protection for ultimate peace of mind.
  • Automatic WordPress core updates & patches – Stay focused on building your siteEnhanced security both at the WordPress application side and server side SSL certificates.

Serious Managed WordPress Hosting require serious backup tools. Our backup solution is?

 Your content, themes, plugins and more are all backed up.

  • You can restore whatever you need with a single click.
  • Complete malware scan continuously identifying security breaches to prevent imminent attacks
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