Adding blog posts to your WordPress site

The next post in the WP Quick Start Series shows you how to add a blog page to your website and add posts to your blog. It also walks you through the process of adding images and videos to your post, and setting-up your blogs sidebar.

Previous Video: How to Add pages to your Blog such as “About Us”, “Contact Us”, etc.

WordPress initially was created as a blogging platform, and here’s where it truly excels, follow the steps below to have you blog up and running in a few minutes…!

  • Step 1: Watch the below video to see how you can setup a blog page and create corresponding blog posts

  • Step 2: Create a new page page
  • Step 3: Set the page as the blog page in settings\readings
  • Step 4: Add a new post
  • Step 5: Add images to the post
  • Step 6: Add youtube videos to the post
  • Step 7: Setup your Sidebar Widgets

The next video in this series shows you how to add an image gallery to your WordPress Website.

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