Adding a page to your WordPress site

The next post in the WP Quick Start Series shows you how to add a page to your wordpress website.

Previous Video: How to setup the look and feel of your WordPress Website

Pages are used to display data such as “about us”, “contact us”, or other information that you would like to provide to the visitors of your blog.

  • Step 1: Watch the below video to see how to create a page and, add content and images to the same.

  • Step 2: Go to your website
  • Step 3: Add a new Page
  • Step 4: Add content to your Page
  • Step 5: Add an Image to your Page
  • Step 6: Add a Contact Page
  • Step 7: Setup a static page as the Home Page for your blog (Optional)

The next video in this series shows you how to add Blog Posts to your WordPress Website.

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