Add a Photo Gallery to WordPress

The next post in the WP Quick Start Series shows you how to add an image gallery to WordPress website.

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To add a gallery we are going to use the NextGenGallery wordpress plugin.

  • Step 1: Watch the below video to see how to install and setup the NextGenGallery plugin on WordPress

  • Step 2: Go to your websites dashboard on the browser to “\wp-admin”
  • Step 3: Go to your WordPress Plugins installation page
  • Step 4: Install the NextGenGallery Plugin as demonstrated in the above video
  • Step 5: Add a Gallery to your WordPress Website
  • Step 6: Upload Images to the Gallery
  • Step 7:Add a new page for Gallery on your WordPress website
  • Step 8: Insert the Gallery into the page and Publish the Page
  • Step 9: Go to page and see your Gallery

The next post in this video series shows you how to upload a document to your WordPress Website and set the order of the pages on your website.

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